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WHAT THE HELL!! Don't leave your passport at BI Makati

It can be happened guys, you have to be very careful to leave your passport at BI Makati.
Especially for every foreigners in the Philippines who want to extend your visa, please consider about it.

I left my passport to BI yesterday, because ate said "please come back 1pm due to process",
I didn't want to wait there any more, I'd decided to go there tomorrow.

I told her "can I come tomorrow morning?" then she said "Yes, sure!"

Tomorrow has come, I went to BI again.
arrived there at 8am, asked kuya to give back to me my passport.

Kuya just said "wait lang"

"OK" I said.

after 10 minutes, he was still looking for it.

after 20 minutes, no progress.

after 30 minutes, no progress.

after 45 minutes, some of them gathered and started to discuss about something, I guessed it may be about my passport.

One of them called to someone and talked something.

It was almost 9am.

Finally, Kuya told me that "One of our co-workers has your passport, but he's not yet coming. He will be here this afternoon. please come back again"


So suspicious!

So weird!!


I'm still not sure if I could have may passport again.

I'll go to BI again next week.

Please please please pray for me.

Maraming salamat po.

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