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FREE Uber Trips If Pacquiao Wins on Sunday! #UBERMANILA4MANNY


Do you use Uber?

We are definitely excited to hear that Uber announced they will be giving 2 FREE TRIPS to all Uber riders in Manila if Manny Pacquiao wins in his match against Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

As you may know, Uber launched here in Manila almost a year ago. Since then, it is one of my favourite apps. Why? Because I can request safe, reliable and clean car via phone, within a few minutes, which is absolutely different from a taxi here in the Philippines.

One more thing, the trip fare is automatically charged into my credit card when the driver end the trip on the app. I can ride the Uber even if I have no money. I don't need to pay directly in the car, and the driver doesn't ask me the tip.
How lovely it is!!

Oops, let's get back to what I'm talking about.

Uber gives us TWO FREE TRIPS, which we can use for the rest of Sunday after the fight.
Just enter the following promo code on the app.


You should enter the code RIGHT NOW!!
Then unite for the nation's fighting hero, Manny Pacquiao!!

Important Reminders:

* The promo will be on after Pacquiao wins.
* You have to enter the promo code before you can avail of the promo.
* Each free ride will be up to 300PHP.



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