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My English skill scored by co-workers, except Japanese


You may think that "Why YOYO hired the product manager who can't speak English well".

I am the product manager.
I know, I'm working in the Philippines. I have many co-workers who are Philipino, Indonesian and Vietnamese.
I MUST speak English fluently.

However, my English skill is totally poor.

Why? Because I haven't studied English since two years ago.

Actually I am good at pretending. You may think "Suni can communicate naturally. She is probably good English speaker".
How I communicate is just "ask something, then listen to his/her talk" and "reaction" only.

I am interested in speaking Tagalog, Bahasa and Vietnamese because it is good way to communicate each other.
Especially, I am probably fast Tagalog leaner. I could communicate by using only 7 Tagalog words, like "Hello po", "diba?", "bakit?", syempre", "tapos", "konti lang", and "salamat po".

And, I like the "multi-languages" speaking because it is good brain workout.

Finally I noticed that it was just excuse, not to study English.

One day, we all Japanese have decided that we MUST be good English speaker ASAP.
(I'm not Japanese actually but I'm almost Japanese as you may know. Please allow me to count myself as Japanese)

I sent survey sheet to my co-workers except Japanese, and ask them to score my English skill as per the following subject and rating.

 It would be helpful for me to understand what my disadvantages are.

= subject =

= raiting =

The result is here;

Hmm,,, not bad? bad? too bad?

I realized that I have to focus more on Speaking(include vocabulary and pronunciation) and Writing.

How to score in the future?
How to measure my improvement?

Every quarter, I will ask the survey again, then share the result on my blog.

If you can support me to study English, kindly let me know via Facebook.
I will study hard.


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